Opatija Guide

  • Christmas Tree Lighting 26.11.2016.

    The traditional ‘Christmas Tree Lighting’ is a very special moment in every part of the world – London, Paris, Prague, Berlin, New York, Sidney, or Tokyo. This truly special and symbolic event organised by the Milenij Hotels this year takes place in Opatija on 26 November 2016 at 17:00. Read more

  • The tastes and aromas of autumn: Marunada 2016

    Kolači od maruna, Milenij hoteli

    One of the best-known delicacies in the hinterland of Opatija, particularly in the surroundings of Lovran, is the sweet chestnut, known locally as marun. It is considered that the Lovran marun is the result of the crossing of various plant species that seafarers in the past would bring back from their voyages and the locally growing horse chestnuts. In comparison to “normal”, sweet chestnuts, those from Lovran are considerably bigger and sweeter. Read more

  • Wienna Week in Opatija 19.-25.09.2016.

    Two of Europe’s centres of culture and tourism, Vienna and Opatija, continue their long relationship based on a mutual historical, social and cultural heritage. This connectedness was the basis for Vienna Week, an event during which Opatija’s cafés offer typical Viennese sweets such as the famous Sachertorte, and restaurants prepare culinary specialities to traditional recipes. Vienna Week also includes various musical and dance evenings, an exhibition of works by famous artists, children’s workshops and round table discussions with renowned guests. Read more

  • New in Opatija: ROYAL BEACH

    DSC_8555 copy

    During the hot summer days we’re all looking for the ideal summer oasis by the sea where we can escape our daily worries and problems. The fantastic Opatija Riviera with its unique charm and stunning natural surroundings has been enticing visitors from all over the world for more than a century, and a new place to enjoy the summer is the Royal Beach at the very heart of Opatija. Read more



     This summer, Opatija’s most popular terrace will again be the venue of a series of superb musical programmes. From June to September, it will host almost a hundred evening musical programmes featuring excellent musicians playing various musical genres, including jazz, pop, rock, folk, and blues. Keeping up the tradition, Milenij Hotels this summer have again prepared seven top concerts with first-class musicians from Croatia and abroad. Thematically different programmes will take us on a journey including the best-known Broadway musicals, passionate tangos, blues and evergreens performed in an original way by klape vocal groups, virtuoso instrumental performances of popular film scores, and the always impressive tenor performances of famous arias.
    Read more

  • Great Gatsby Night by Milenij hoteli

    Great Gatsby Night by Milenij hoteli; 1.7.2016.

    Have you ever been so surprised by something that you weren’t able to say a word but just gazed around you, taking in the positive energy and enjoying the atmosphere? That’s how those who visited the ‘Great Gatsby Night’ felt last Friday. It was this summer’s greatest spectacle, organised by Milenij Hotels for the second year in a row. According to the organiser, this attractive event was attended by several hundred visitors, who enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere in the street and square in front of the Hotel Royal until late into the night. Read more